Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering your time abroad to help others is a fantastic experience that will give you the opportunity to work and live side by side with local people. You will undoubtedly learn new skills through having to adjust to new situations and challenge yourself by volunteering in a developing country.  In response to the earthquake in Nepal, we are seeking applications for volunteers interest

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Earthquake Relief

  Our project is new in the village; we came to establish this after the earthquak

30Days Programme
Difficulty : Moderate


Computer Education

The basis of higher level computer education was laid in 1972 when the then Technical Trai

18Days Programme
Difficulty : Average


Clients Testimonials

Mountaineering Fixed Departure

/ 20th February

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Aut? Phasellus habitant, laudantium tristique laboriosam, elementum incididunt condimentum deseru

John Cameroon- Japan
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